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"I think it all started way back in the 50's ..."


andi, born in Surry, England has a clear memory of those wonderful vintage days with the post war variety and sophistication thanks to designers like Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and of course the Australian Robert Fritzlaff. Andi's first job after leaving school in Australia was as a sewing machine mechanic and possibly that's where it all started? With a mother, grandmother and sisters all avid sewers, andi became the in-house sewing machine repairer... back in the days when 'boys don't sew' I managed to pickup some valuable tips... andi was carefully steered into a career in electrical engineering and became a medical engineer working on x-ray, ultrasound and CT systems but deep down wanted to pursue a career in commercial art. It did happen, andi became a graphic artist working in his wonderful wife's advertising agency and so after twelve years working on brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Victor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme,
is now branching out into fashion.

Full circle complete!


"It's amazing how ones personality and confidence can change when dressed in a one-off designer outfit. It can seemingly change their perception of themselves... that is bespoke couture."